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Starting date: January 2015

Network interaction and the sharing of knowledge with other institutions, and consequently with other information systems, increasingly implies the development of effective methods for the classification and recovery of data.

As far as the azulejo is concerned, this is very much an open field. Despite the existing glossaries, the task of setting up a systematic instrument for controlling and standardising the vocabulary used in this area has yet to be accomplished, even though it is urgent.

The Azulejo Research Network aims to launch a wide-ranging debate on this issue, focusing on the areas deemed most relevant and most pressing. With this goal in mind, it has undertaken the Portuguese translation of the ICONCLASS system, and is currently working on a project entitled Catalogue of Portuguese azulejo patterns.

In 2015, a thesaurus will be set up for the field of azulejo studies, already divided into three great domains: 1) techniques; 2) materials; 3) pathologies.

Rosário Salema de Carvalho
Alexandre Pais

Scholarship Holder:
Teresa Pinto da Silva

The Az.thesaurus project is sponsored by the Joana Vasconcelos Foundation.

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