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Azulejo in situ Inventory Guide
This guide, produced in collaboration with the IHRU/SIPA, is a result of the inventory work carried out since 2009 by the Az and the National Museum of Azulejo, and included in the Az Infinitum. It aims to help standardize the language used in azulejo research, in order to interconnect and articulate the different azulejo inventories.
Version available for download: Guia de Inventário de Azulejo in situ [4,10 MB]
Version available online: Guia de Inventário de Azulejo in situ
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Az Infinitum - Azulejo Indexation and Referencing System
Permanently updated, it allows the recording of data regarding buildings, areas, wall coverings, authorships, bibliographic and documental references, images, etc., organised according to five major areas: In situ, Authors, Patterns, Iconography, Bibliography.
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ZOTERO | bibliography about azulejo

Access to the group AzInfinitum [azulejos / tiles]


Portuguese azulejo's timeline
A chronology of the key moments in the history of Portuguese azulejos. These include examples of in situ application of parietal pattern coverings, figurative and ornamental, which testify the architectural character of these applications and distinguish them from those known and used in other European countries. Also present are the multiple influences that the Portuguese azulejo incorporated and reinterpreted throughout more than five centuries of use. This synthesis also shows the continual quotations of taste, techniques and motifs of earlier époque; in a dialogue between past and present that so marks the history of Portuguese azulejos.

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